Long-distance communication has come along way from snail mail, telegrams, and the first telephone. Today, talking to someone halfway around the world takes a few taps of a smartphone and, depending on your phone and WiFi signal, you’ll get clear and live communication with another person.

While nearly each of us are connected through telecommunications, a lot of us may not understand what goes behind it or how changes in the industry can affect us. This is what Telecom Web Central wants to change.

We’ll break down the jargon and make it easier for anyone to understand. We hope that our readers can use what they learn from our website to make informed decisions, whether it’s switching mobile carriers, choosing a side for net neutrality, or understanding why they don’t have reception in a certain place. 

People Behind Our Success

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Charlie Ontiveros

Charlie graduated high school two years ago, earning the “Best in Science” in his class and leaving a mark as the former president of the robotics club. After taking a gap year to work in his parents’ garage to become the next Steve Jobs, he realized he’d have to keep studying to innovate, and is now doing very well in college as an electronics engineering undergraduate.

He works part-time as a tutor for high school and college students for math and science. He has a knack for breaking down the terms in ways that more people will understand, and during his spare time, he does the same in his articles about tech and the telecom industry.

Jim Rollin

A high school science teacher and the faculty adviser of the robotics club, Jim has advanced knowledge about the telecom industry and how it operates as a science. He values logic over instinct on any given day and believes more people would be happier (and complained less about having poor phone reception) if they knew what the industry was doing to give people access to their social media.

He lives with his wife and daughter.

Damien Weir

Damien Weir

Damien got his big break as a news writer by writing about the telecom, tech, and business industry. He’s the jack of all trades and can cram enough knowledge about an industry within 30 minutes of research to produce a cohesive but understandable article that won’t leave readers confused and giving up halfway through.

Damien is not new to turning technical jargon into a broken-down piece that any layman can understand. He writes mostly news in the industries, but won’t say no at the chance of writing about his (informed) opinion online. 

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