LIDO Telecommunications Essentials Part 4:
Wireless Communications

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials Part 4 addresses how wireless technologies are making anytime/anywhere computing and communicating a reality.   Part 4 provides a comprehensive survey of the wireless networking landscape, from laying a foundation for the understanding of radio transmission fundamentals to the latest and greatest in mobile applications.  We will look at the emerging area of broadband wireless, including fixed and mobile wireless alternatives for voice, data, video and multimedia, as well as what may be the most important driver of wireless - wireless access to the Internet and the entertainment universe.  Part 4 will examine the impressive range of emerging wireless technologies, systems and services, delving into the realm of next-generation wireless networks, covering the full scope of WANs, MANs, LANs, PANs and even FANs and BANs.  You’ll learn how wireless communications is driving innovation in the industry, and changing the fabric of both commerce and lifestyle – bringing benefits to industry, and more importantly to the growing population of humans and machines alike. 

Running Time:  ~ 7 hours

Topics Covered:

MODULE 14 - Wireless Communications Basics – 90 minutes

* Intro & A Brief History of Wireless
* Wireless Communications Regulation Issues
* Wireless Impairments
* Antennas
* Wireless Bandwidth
* Wireless Signal Modulation
* Spectrum Utilization

MODULE 15 - Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWANs) – 90 minutes

* Intro
* Analog Transmission
* 2G Digital Cellular Radio
* 2.5G Enhanced Data Services
* 3G:  Moving Twoard Broadband Wireless
* Beyond 3G
* 4G:  Wireless Broadband
* 5G:  Intelligent Technologies

MODULE 16 - Wireless MANs, LANs and PANs – 180 minutes
* Intro and Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA)
* WMANs – 802.16, WiBro, 802.20
* WMANs – iBurst, Flash-OFDM, DMB, VF
* WLANs and Wi-Fi
* IEEE 802.11x standards
* WLAN Security
* Voice over WLAN
* Integration of WLANs and Cellular Networks
* Mexh Networks
* IEEE 802.15 standards
* Ultra-wide Band (UWB)
* Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
* Near-Field Communications (NFC)

MODULE 17 - Emerging Wireless Applications – 75 minutes
* The Handset Revolution
* Mobile IP
* IP Multimedia Subsystem
* Mobile Gaming
* Mobile Video
* Mobile TV
* Mobile Content