Pricing Information for LIDO Telecommunications Essentials

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-Learning is provided on two convenient platforms, web-based and CDs - and can be provided on the basis of single or multi-user license.  Individuals can subscribe to a single-user-license and choose to have the elearning delivered over the web or provided on CDs.  For those desiring a multi-user license for distribution over enterprise intranets via company servers, an annual multi-user license provides maximum flexibility.  Enterprises can also choose a combination of server delivery and CDs to meet the needs of all their users.  Enterprises can also request customization of the elearning seires, incorporating company logos and visual philosophy as well as company specific content.

Pricing for LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is on a per-license basis with volume discounts to suit your company’s training and education budget. 
For further information pricing information regarding multi-user licenses or enterprise customization, please contact Ms. Lili Goleniewski at the LIDO Organization at  +1-415-457-1800 or send an email to  For single user pricing, please visit the elearning store at

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To buy a LIDO Telecommunications Essentials eLearning single-user license, please visit our elearning store at   To order multi-user licenses or discuss enterprise customization, please email or call +1-415-457-1800.