eLearning Player Features


1. The Status Bar displays the status of the media (playing, paused, buffering, etc.) and the current time code of the media s well as the duration of the entire presentation. This feature saves time by providing an indication of how long the overall presentation is and how much has been viewed.

2. Transcript highlighting focuses on the current text tract being spoken. This feature provides you with a quick and easy point of reference in the text tract. By clicking on any portion of the text, you will automatically switch to the proper audio segment and slide as well.

3. The Slide Index follows along with the audio, enabling you to always know which section is being heard and viewed. This feature provides a quick point of reference in the presentation relative to the audio, thus eliminating “guess work”. When navigating topics via the slide index, the audio files and transcript change accordingly.

4. The Module and Segment Title quickly identify the module and segment you are listening to and viewing.

5. The Slide Window displays the supporting materials for your presentation.

6. The Search Function searches the transcript for key words or phrases. This feature searches both the transcript and the presentation slides.

7. The Launch Quiz button opens a window that presents you with an interactive quiz for the segment. Answer the questions, submit your answers, and receive your total score, along with a response indicating correct answers, identifying wrong answers and providing the correct response.

8. The Learning Resources window provides you with a host of resources to enhance and reinforce your learning experience. Features include printable transcript and slide presentations, reading resource links, reference links, glossary, and document related to module content.