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Learn how to think telecom with LIDO Telecommunications Essentials, the world’s leading e-Learning series for anyone requiring a working knowledge of the telecommunications industry.

Your Blueprint to the Telecommunications Industry

 "When Lili's revised edition of Telecommunications Essentials was released, I was excited to have in my hands the single best resource on the subject in the industry. But, the new elearning series, if possible, is even more powerful that the book. Combining state-of-the-art web technologies with content from the book and elsewhere creates a most impressive 24x7 multimedia experience. I strongly recommend the elearning experience for companies, large and small, whose staff or clients demand the very best."

-Dr. Art St. George, CTO, Cerelink


LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand program that provides timely and necessary information about telecommunications principles, technologies, infrastructures, and applications. Presented in four parts, LIDO Telecommunications Essentials provides a basic understanding of the telecommunications industry in a dynamic and effective presentation by internationally renowned telecommunications expert and author, Lillian Goleniewski.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials demystifies telecom concepts and terminology, providing a solid foundation for building your knowledge of the industry. Topics covered include communications fundamentals, transmission media, public switched telephone networks, wireless infrastructures, cable TV networks, the Internet, WAN, MAN, LAN and PAN networking alternatives, broadband architectures, IP networks and services, next generation networks, optical networking, broadband wireless communications, broadband access alternatives, home area networks, and mobility.  LIDO Telecommunications Essentials’ concise and complete overview gives you the framework you need to think telecom.

Click on the links below to view a detailed outline of the topics covered in each Part.


Part 1: Communications Fundamentals

Part 2: Data Networking and the Internet

Part 3: Next Generation Networks

Part 4: Wireless Communications

Dynamically Presented for Professional Success

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is presented in an engaging rich media format that imparts information while conveying excitement about the evolving world of telecom. Ms. Goleniewski is an effective presenter whose sense of humor and dynamic speaking style complement her telecommunications expertise in this smart and well-paced presentation. You will not only gain knowledge but inspiration for the amazing potential of the telecom industry.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is software delivered. The program includes dynamic multimedia lectures, simultaneous word-for-word transcript, accompanying slide show and clickable links to supporting educational resources. The rich media presentation creates a multi-dimensional learning experience, which helps individuals absorb lesson information.

Economical and Effective e-Learning Format

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is a dynamic and effective e-Learning product, meaning the lessons are delivered to your computer rather than in a live seminar. The e-Learning format saves time and money by cutting down on the costs and business interruptions associated with a live seminar format. What’s more, the e-Learning format makes it possible to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, thereby optimizing the time and effort you and your company spend on continuing education.

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