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Cut months -- if not years off your learning curve!

 “All topics were presented in a simple, easy to understand manner.  Lillian’s presentation skills are the best I have come across in the seminar circuits!  Excellent supporting documents given for future reference.”
-Jay Raman, Managing Director, Telecom Technology Ltd.

Master Telecommunications Essentials

Let Lillian Goleniewski, synonymous with internationally-acclaimed telecommunications training throughout the world, give you a broad understanding of the complex world of telecommunications – through the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® seminar series. 

With the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials seminars, Lili will take you step by step through all the key terms and definitions, current and emerging technologies, systems and networks, latest applications, and product and services.

Her dynamic presentation style and cutting-edge information makes the Telecommunications Essentials seminars the most comprehensive tutorial on the telecommunications industry -- a must for all professionals in the networked economy. Telecommunications Essentials seminars will cut months -- if not years off your learning curve.

Tens of thousands professionals worldwide have gained valuable insights at LIDO seminars. A wide range of companies have taken advantage of customized in-house presentations.  Lili is also sought after to address conferences worldwide, having participated in dozens of major global events as a keynote speaker, featured speaker and tutorial instructor. Her company, The LIDO Organization which she founded in 1984, is a world-leading provider of telecommunications education and advisory services.

To assist telecom and IT professionals in their constant need for information and education, Lili created LIDO TelecomWebCentral® ( - a comprehensive telecommunications knowledge portal - allowing knowledge workers to stay abreast of trends, technologies and issues in the telecommunications industry, when and where needed, long after they have attended and completed the seminars series.

In addition, her best-selling book Telecommunications Essentials (Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0321427610), now in its 2nd edition, is used by universities, colleges, vocational schools and practitioners worldwide, building telecommunications knowledge for all those studying and working in the ICT realm.  All participants in LIDO seminars receive a copy of this internationally acclaimed book, serving as a trusted global reference long after the seminar is over.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials®

Telecommunications, a US$1.2 Trillion dollar industry globally, is the critical infrastructure in the networked economy of the new millennium. Innovation, demand, finance, and regulation have come together to completely change the economics and applications of telecommunications, and with it, the landscape of the IT&T industry. Electronic communications is changing the world for the better; and you too can participate in the revolution.  Understanding telecommunications technologies and trends is more important than ever.

If you are new to the communications and information industry or simply desire an understandable, yet comprehensive overview and update of telecommunications, then this seminar is for you. LIDO’s seminars are designed to provide you with a thorough foundation for understanding telecommunications principles and technologies, as well as assimilating advanced and emerging developments.

The LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® seminars will allow you to master the basic building blocks of key technologies, from the principles of telecommunications transmission and networking, to the current and evolving nature of the Internet and IP networks, addressing both wired and wireless alternatives, electrical and optical infrastructures, and simple media to rich media applications. You will receive a concentrated, high-level overview of all of the language and issues that comprise telecommunications - including the public switched telephone network (PSTN), the Internet, Cable TV, and wireless infrastructures.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials seminars are comprised of four main components
- Communications Fundamentals
- Data Networking and the Internet
- Next Generation Networks
- Wireless Communications

Communications Fundamentals provides a foundation for understanding the arts and sciences of telecommunications – including an introduction to telecom technology fundamentals,  - the terminology and principles of transmission and networking.  Data Networking and the Internet introduces data communications and internetworking basics, the nature and role of LANs (local area networks), a review of traditional WAN (wide area network) alternatives, and an overview of the Internet infrastructure.  Next Generation Networks explores the evolving role of IP services and applications, the realm of broadband infrastructures, next generation networks, optical networking, broadband access alternatives, and broadband home area networking. Wireless Communications covers radio transmission basics, discusses wide area cellular infrastructures and standards, explores the full range of technologies and standards associated with wireless WANs, MANs, LANs, and PANs, and investigates the role of emerging mobile devices and applications.  By attending all four components, you will receive a complete high-level overview of the full spectrum of telecommunications, examining voice, data, video and multimedia, and their application over the public switched telephone network, the Internet, Cable TV, and wireless infrastructures.

Because knowledge work today involves constant learning, LIDO provides learning resources that will be enable you to access the appropriate information at the moment you need it, long after you attend the course. This includes

1. Lili Goleniewski's latest book Telecommunications Essentials, Second Edition ( ISBN: 0321427610 , Copyright 2006, Addison Wesley), provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications. Providing an in-depth, one-stop reference for anyone wanting to get up to speed on the $1.2 trillion telecommunications industry, this book not only covers the basic building blocks but also introduces the most current information on new technologies. This edition features new sections on next-generation networks, optical networking, IP telephony, VPNs, broadband access alternatives, and broadband wireless applications, and it describes the technological and political forces at play in the world of telecommunications around the globe.

2. Telecom Essentials Learning Center. Designed to address the need for ongoing learning, this online center enables access to online quizzes for self-testing, a comprehensive online glossary, and hundreds of recommended resources, including books, magazines, and websites - all organized according to the chapters of the book, or modules of the seminar and eLearning series.  Our newest features include the Telecom Essentials blog, as well as Lili’s favorite newsfeeds, podcasts, blogs and white papers.

3.  LIDO Telecommunications Essentials eLearning series – a comprehensive educational series comprised of approximately 33 hours of rich multimedia training, enabling the freedom and flexibility of learning-on-demand, at the time, place and pace of your choosing.

4. LIDO Telecom WebCentral® - the most comprehensive telecommunications knowledge portal on the Web - offering access to over 6000 selected ICT resources on the web - organized and described in a meaningful context, and all in a searchable database.

These up-to-the-minute seminars, eLearning series, online learning center, and books explore technology fundamentals as well as the latest developments in communications technologies and their impact on your environment. Nowhere else will you gain such a practical and complete overview of the current and projected state of telecommunications technologies and their impact on the evolution of global information infrastructures.
LIDO’s seminars are delivered in three fashions – live seminars that are organized by LIDO’s partners worldwide and offered on a public basis; in-house seminars that are defined by the client in terms of content and location; and a comprehensive eLearning series that allows for maximum flexibility in on-demand, self-directed and self-paced learning.


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