LIDO Telecommunications Essentials Part 2:
Data Networking and the Internet

Data is the fastest growing traffic stream. The changing dynamics of bandwidth and processing power are shifting network economics and computer architecture. With these seismic changes in the technology industry, no telecom or IT-related professional should be without a basic understanding of Data Communications Basics, Local Area Networking, Wide Area Networking, and The Internet and IP Infrastructures. Telecommunications Essentials Part 2: Data Networking and the Internet provides a complete and concise overview of the fundamental concepts to help you think telecom.

Running Time:  ~ 7 hours

Topics Covered:

MODULE 6 - Data Communications Basics – 69 minutes
* Intro & Data Communications Architectures
* Data Communication Traffic
* Data Transmission
* The OSI and TCP/IP Reference Models

MODULE 7 - Local Area Networking Basics – 59 minutes
* Intro & LAN Basics
* LAN Transport Techniques and Standards
* LAN Access Techniques and Topologies
* LAN Switches, VLANs and Bridges
* Routers and IP Switches

MODULE 8 - Wide Area Networking – 107 minutes

* Intro & Wide Area Networking
* Circuit Switched and Leased Line Networks
* ISDN Networks
* Packet Switched Networks
* X.25
* Frame Relay
* Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

MODULE 9 - The Internet Infrastructure – 169 minutes
* Intro & Internet Basics
* Internet Protocols
* Routing Protocols
* Internet Network Architecture
* Internet Addressing and Address Resolution
* IPv6 Addressing
* Domain Name System (DNS)
* The Internet Infrastructure
* Service Providers and Interconnection
* IP Quality of Service
* What’s Next on the Internet