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Pavithra Ratnakar Shirodkar
Managing Director


 LIDO Telecom Pvt. Ltd. was created to serve Asia and the Middle East ,providing LIDO Telecommunications Essentials eLearning systems, seminars, and related educational products  to Universities, Training Centres, Academic Institutions, Enterprises, Small Businesses, and Professional Services Organizations. 

LIDO Telecom is operated under the direction of Pavithra Ratnakar.  Ms. Ratnakar is an entrepreneur with an engineering background.   She envisioned that India’s tremendous growth in the telecommunications and networking field has created the requirement and market for telecom training in India.  Recognizing this trend, Ms. Ratnakar began evaluating potential partners and quickly realized that LIDO Telecommunications Essentials was the most comprehensive learning system they could find.  Discussions with The LIDO Organization, Inc. quickly led to the formation of LIDO Telecom Pvt. Ltd., to serve the needs of not just India, but the entire Asia and Middle East region.

“LIDO Telecommunications Essentials provides the ICT knowledge needed to enhance the skills of our workforce to be able to compete globally and better serve global clients”, stated Pavithra Ratnakar, .  “The benefit of this venture to our community , indeed the world at large, is that we can now provide on-demand learning to all levels, with excellent up-to-the minute information”.

Ms. Ratnakar is involved in business development and process improvement at two other companies she owns, Apex Test Technologies, an Embedded Test Solution provider and Pavithra Toolings , an automobile springs and wireforms manufacturer, both ISO certified companies. She holds  Bachelor of  Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University and has specialized in Quality Assurance.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 June 2009 )
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