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About the LIDO Organization, Inc:

The LIDO Organization, established in 1984, is internationally recognized for providing expert telecommunications education, training, consulting and advisory services. LIDO’s programmes, delivered in multiple formats, including seminars, eLearning, and textbooks, are designed to serve all learning styles and budgets.

LIDO’s educational products include the globally acclaimed LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® Seminar series,  beginning with a 3 day master class, and supplemented with specialized seminars on specific topics and technologies.  The seminars are made available on a public basis in locations around the world, and are also offered on an in-house basis for clients with a preference for the privacy, economy and customization of an in-house alternative.  

LIDO is a pioneer in developing and producing telecom elearning programmes, having launched LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® eLearning in 1999.  Today LIDO offers a comprehensive 4 part rich media eLearning series, consisting of over 33 hours of multimedia content, including audio, word-for-word transcript, synchronized  powerpoint slides, search capability, transcripts and powerpoint presentations,  interactive quizzes, glossary, and links to thousands of related web resources organized according to each of the modules of the elearning series. LIDO’s eLearning solution supports a true learning-on-demand environment for those desiring self-direction and flexibility in their learning schedule.  

Finally, LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® textbooks (published by Addison-Wesley), are being used daily in undergraduate and graduate curriculums by universities, colleges and vocational institutions, as well as enterprises, worldwide.

All of LIDO’s programmes are designed for a global audience, examining technologies and applications from a worldwide perspective, and are today utilized on every continent.  

In addition, LIDO’s educational programs are web-powered via LIDO Telecom WebCentral ®, www.telecomwebcentral.com , a globally recognized telecom knowledge portal offering thousands of resources to help enforce and build telecom knowledge, as well as the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials Online Learning Center, www.telecomessentials.com , designed to provide ongoing educational support for LIDO’s seminars, eLearning and textbook series.  The learning center offers blogs, podcasts, newsfeeds, online quizzes, an online glossary, updated course notes, conference presentation notes, and specific web resources that are selected to complement each module of LIDO’s Telecommunications Essentials learning products.  



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