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Lili’s latest three day master seminar is entitled “LIDO Telecom Essentials:  New Rules in the 2.0 Ecosystem:  Here are some excerpts of what some of the attendees of the seminars have to say about attending one of Lili’s programs……….

Valerie Tan Hsu Phen, Regulatory Affairs, Orange Business Services, Singapore
 “I enjoyed the futuristic & crystal ball into the future of technology.  I came because of the reputation of the speaker and strong recommendation from peers.”


Norshamsul Azizi Mohamed Nor, Senior Executive, Packet One Networks M Sdn Bhd,  Malaysia
“Excellent seminar.  It provided full elements on telecommunication, from the basic to the critical aspect.  Very suitable for those who have limited technical background.  The topics that it covers are beneficial for non-technical professionals.”

Tse Yun Wei, Legal Counsel, Equant Pte Ltd., Singapore
“Sufficient level of details & basics to cater to all level of needs.”

L.M. Hall, Solicitor, Clifford Chance, Hong Kong
"Ms. Goleniewski is a very interesting speaker and this is the most useful conference I have ever attended."

Jimmy Goh Yak Hong, Legal Counsel, Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore
“I came because of the reputation, expertise, and experience of the training provider.  I enjoyed the sharing of information about latest trends, developments, thinking, technology in the telecoms industry & the participants.”

Monika Rad, Associate Director-Business, PacNet, Singapore
 “This seminar is exhaustive and focused at the same time.”

Waleed Aljufri, Eng. Comms. Manager, Amiri Flight, U.A.E.
 “I’m happy with this seminar as it relates to the work I do.  I enjoyed the subject and detailed info.”

Elvin Wan, Chief Regional Counsel-Asia Pacific, Orange Business Services, Singapore

 “Good material!   Lots of relevance of the topic to my role in the business.”

Tamara Pastuszynska, Deputy CIT Operations Manager, Polska Telefonica, Poland
"Very good course. It gives technical basics in conjunction with a business perspective which is rare for most telecoms courses."

Jay Raman, Managing Director, Telecom Technology
"All topics were presented in a simple, easy to understand manner. Lillian's presentation skills are the best I have come across in the seminar circuits. Excellent supporting documents given for future reference."


“Seminar presented a wide range of elements in telecommunications, from basic to the critical.  I was able to follow the presentation even with limited technical background.”
    Jack Ong, Commercial Services Section Manager, Hewlett Packard, Singapore

“All topics were presented in a simple, easy to understand manner.  Lillian’s presentation skills are the best I have come across in the seminar circuits!  Excellent supporting documents given for future reference.”
    Jay Raman, Managing Director, Telecom Technology Ltd.

“Very information, comprehensive and well presented.”
    Benjamin Yap, Associate, Kelvin Cha Partnership, Singapore

“Excellent content, knowledge of the issues and ability to communicate key areas.”
    Justin Forsell, Head of Legal Affairs, BT Japan

“Very good seminar.  It gives technical basics in conjunction with a business perspective, which is rare for most telecommunication seminars.”
    Tamara Pastuszynska, Deputy CIT Operation Manager, Polska Telefonica

“Previously I couldn’t wire a three-pin plug.  After this course I can wire up the whole ATM networks!  Seriously, the speaker was extremely engaging and was very effective at communicating the complex concept involved in this field.”
    Gordon Milner, Associate Solicitor, Clifford Chance, Hong Kong

“Full range of coverage on basic telecom technologies and latest industry developments.”
    Mabel Cheung, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hong Kong

“Very informative and good introduction the telecommunications industry.”
    Stephanie Ooi, Time dotcom, Malaysia

“Lillian Goleniewski has a gift in presenting the complexity of telecommunications to her audiences.”
    Dr. Bob Horton, ASTAP Chairman, Australia

“Excellent delivery from the presenter.”
    Kevin Barrins, Market Operations Manager, Commission for Communications Regulation

“Covered topics adequately and explanations were clear.”
    Joanna Er, Senior Associate, Drew & Napier LLC, Singapore

“As a newcomer to the industry, the course gave me a good introduction to telecommunications.”
    Jin, Maxis Communications, Malaysia

“Very informative.  Provides a strong IT&T foundation.”
    Danny Coyle, Project Manager, Robarts Interiors, China

“Helped clarify my basic knowledge.”
    John Garabadian, VP, Asia Pacific, Marconi, Hong Kong

“My knowledge of telecoms essentials and basics were vastly increased.”
    Walid Ahmen Al-Ablani, Arab Telecom, Kuwait

“Full coverage, comprehensive information and a good speaker.”
    Clarie Yue, Solicitor, Clifford Chance, Hong Kong

“Good coverage of content.  Knowledgeable and skilled tutor.”
    Edward Tse, Executive Vice President, Cable & Wireless, HKT

“Simple explanation of technology and good references (Web site & books) to follow up on.”
    Malcolm Richards, Director, Nortel Networks

 “Good topic, good speaker, very good understanding of current issues.”
    Kieran Calder, Director, Indosuez W.I. Carr Securities

“Lili Goleniewski is a gifted communicator and educator.”
    Peter Leonard, Partner, Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers, Australia

“One of the best quality courses I have ever been lucky enough to attend.”
    Virginia Kaye, Director, Netsol One

“This course provided very comprehensive information for the non-technical professional and good insights on the telecom industry.”
    Ray Yim, Manager, Ernst & Young, Hong Kong

“It was very good, it really helped me to organize my information     in this field.”
    Ahmed N. Al Khatib, Sr. Pre-Sales Engineer, Systems & Communications House Ltd., Saudi Arabia

“A very good overview of a large technical area.  A quick way to get up to date on the latest trends in the telecommunications field”.
    Heinze Hohbach, Technical Manager, Siemens Telecommunications

“Broad coverage.  The speakers knowledge is good.”
    Edie Surachmat, Conoco Indonesia, Indonesia

“Simple and easy to understand.”
    Jayne Ho, Manager, Deutsche Telekom, Hong Kong

“Extensive content”
    Andrea Masnata, Telecom Manager, PWC

 “I have had a general view on telecom basics as a non-technical manager working in this business.  Very good.”
    Bahjat Mirza, Regional Sales Manager Middle East, Motorola-PCS, UAE

 “Very useful as it refreshed my knowledge about telecommunications.”
    Ali D. Alshehri,, Computer MGR, Prince Abdullah Air Force Base, Saudi Arabia

“Excellent course material, wide coverage, presented with superb clarity and humor – good use of visuals – overall first rate.”
    Neil Juggins, Head of Research, Evolution Securities China

“This seminar gives an overall understanding of the telecoms industry.  All my uncertainties are answered, and it assisted me in understanding where the legal risks exist.”
    Julian Ding, Partner, Zaid Ibrahim & Co., Malaysia

“Very good speaker…difficult topics presented in a very simple and easy to understand style.”
    S. Rasiah, PT Prkmindo Ikat Nusantara, Indonesia

“Ms. Goleniewski is a very interesting speaker and this is the most useful conference I have ever attended.”
    L.M. Hall, Solicitor, Clifford Chance, Hong Kong

“An outstanding trainer with incredible depth of knowledge.  This is an excellent “starter course” for new people in the industry and an outstanding “refresher course” for those already in the industry.”
    Keith Holdt, Senior Consultant, IBM

“Dynamic presenter – you cannot fall asleep in this course.”
    Angie Balac, Scitec Ltd.

“Lili was extremely well prepared and consequently a very effective instructor.”
    Kimberly Thompson, Czech Telecom

“Amazing energy, excellent trainer.”
    John Kourentis, Inprise Borland

“Excellent teacher:  clear, understandable.”
    Patric Zaman, Belgacom

“Good reference materials, I can certainly use this going forward.”
    Dennis Keijzer, Lucent

“Really opened my eyes for what is yet to come in the future.”
    Ingrid Mareral, Marsh BV, the Netherlands
“Technical issues in a language I can understand.”
    Louise Odell, Radiocommunications Agency

“Enthusiastic leader.”
    Mr. Florchinger, Nortel

“The best speaker on this subject that I have ever encountered.”
    Rita King, Challenge Properties


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