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I love telecommunications. It is powerful and it empowers, with far-reaching consequences. It has demonstrated the potential to transform society and business, and the revolution has only just begun.

With the invention of the telephone, human communications and commerce were forever changed: Time and distance began to melt away as barriers to doing business, keeping in touch with loved ones, and being able to immediately respond to major world events. Through the use of computers and telecommunications networks, humans have been able to extend their powers of thinking, influence, and productivity, just as those in the Industrial Age were able to extend the power of their muscles, or physical self, through the use of heavy machinery.

Today, new inventions and developments are again poised to make telecommunications a force to be reckoned with, forever changing human communications and commerce, and introducing machines as members of the networked society. This is an exciting era, and we face a host of new telecommunications technologies and applications that bring breathtaking new opportunities, particularly in the industries of entertainment, education, health care, government, advertising, lifestyle, and, sadly, warfare.

In almost every aspect of life, it’s important to put and keep things in context. A good idea in one situation might be a terrible idea in another situation. This is often the case with telecommunications; there is no one-size-fits-all, be-all and end-all telecommunications solution. In assessing telecommunications needs, it is important to think about the prevailing conditions, so that you can choose the best transmission media, the best network architecture, and so on for the situation. It’s also important to remember that prevailing conditions change. So what’s right for you today may change six months down the road. As you plan a telecommunications strategy, it is important to look as far into the future as you can, to make your network as adaptable to future innovations as possible.

Today, exciting developments are occurring in many areas that are key to the ongoing evolution of broadband devices, applications, and network infrastructures. These remarkable developments are propelling the broadband millenium, creating good reasons to pursue knowledge of next-generation networks.

If you are new to the communications and information industry, or if you simply want an understandable yet comprehensive overview of telecommunications, this book is for you. Telecommunications Essentials, Second Edition, will equip you with a blueprint on which you can build. The telecommunications landscape is vast; for a newcomer, it is treacherous terrain to navigate. This book provides a logical progression in putting together all the pieces of the telecommunications puzzle. It helps you master the basic building blocks of key technologies, from the principles of telecommunications transmission and networking to the current and evolving nature of the Internet, broadband architecture, and optical networking, addressing both wired and wireless alternatives.


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