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Frequently Asked Questions about the LIDO Organization and LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ®

Q. What is LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® ?
LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is a timely, practical and comprehensive overview of the telecommunications industry.  It is  presented in an e-learning series, as instructor-led seminars, in podcasts, and in textbook format. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials provides a fundamental understanding of telecommunications in four discrete parts: (1) Communications Fundamentals, (2) Data Networking and the Internet, (3) Next Generation Networks, (4) Wireless Communications.   More information on LIDO Telecommunications Essentials can be found at www.telecomessentials.com

Q. What is the LIDO Organization, Inc.?
The LIDO Organization is a global provider of telecommunications education and advisory services. The vision of The LIDO Organization’s president and founder, Lillian Goleniewski, is to increase the quality and quantity of telecommunications knowledge workers. The LIDO Organization has developed Telecommunications Essentials, a four-part e-learning or live seminar series that teaches telecommunications fundamentals in a lively and intelligent format. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is also available in book form as well and is now in its Second Edition. The LIDO Organization maintains the largest and most popular web-based knowledge center to support the building of telecommunications knowledge through ongoing learning and research, known as Telecom WebCentral? located at www.telecomwebcentral.com.

Q. Who is Lillian Goleniewski?
Lillian Goleniewski is president and founder of The LIDO Organization, Inc. Ms. Goleniewski is the author and creator of the internationally acclaimed Telecommunications Essentials seminars and e-learning series. She is also the author of “Telecommunications Essentials: The Complete Global Source for Communications Fundamentals, Data Networking and the Internet, Next- Generation Networks, and Wireless Communications.” (Addison Wesley, October 2006, ISBN: 0321427610).  Ms. Goleniewski has served as an Industry Advisor for the COMDEX conferences; an Industry Advisor for the World Expo ComNet conferences; and advisory board member for E.J. Krause ExpoComm conferences worldwide.  She has participated in numerous technical committees and industry awards programs.  She currently serves as a judge for the Baltic Challenge Awards.

Q. What is Telecom WebCentral??
Telecom WebCentral (www.telecomwebcentral.com) is the most comprehensive telecommunications knowledge portal on the Internet, offering access to thousands of selected resources on the Web, organized and described in a meaningful context, in keeping with the Telecommunications Essentials framework for building telecommunications knowledge.

Q. Who can benefit from LIDO Telecommunications Essentials?
Anyone who requires a fundamental understanding of the telecommunications industry, including infrastructure, trends and new technologies will benefit from the straightforward and comprehensive presentation of LIDO Telecommunications  Essentials. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials, specifically designed for a NON-technical audience, introduces industry language, concepts and definitions in an understandable and logical format.

You can benefit from LIDO Telecommunications Essentials if you are a professional who needs to master telecommunications language and principles or wish to update your knowledge.  Students using Telecommunications Essentials in their curriculums will also benefit from the on-demand learning environment, reinforcing their classroom experience.   Following are representative titles of professionals who have benefited from LIDO Telecommunications Essentials:

* Telecom, IT, Internet and content organizations and professionals
* Executives
* Strategy and Business Development
* Marketing and Sales
* Corporate Communications
* Product Development
* IT Professionals
* Software Engineering/Applications Development
* Finance
* Legal and Regulatory Affairs
* Human Resources
* Organizations and professional serving the IT&T industry
* Legal Counsel
* Regulators
* Venture Capitalists
* Investment Bankers
* Stock Analysts
* Equity Researchers
* Insurance Companies (Risk Policies)
* System Integrators/Consultants
* PR & Advertising
* Education
* e-Learning Architects
* University & College Professors and Instructors
* Undergraduate, Graduate and High School Students
* K-12 Teachers
* Planners, Architects and Managers of ICT infrastructures for
* Power Utilities, Healthcare, Entertainment, Government, Transportation, Military, Finance, Retail
Q.What is the difference between LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning and on-site training formats?
A. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning format includes a dynamic presentation that delivers lesson materials in an audio lecture, simultaneous word-for-word transcript, learning resources, and quizzes right to your computer. The e-learning format can save time and money by cutting down on the costs and business interruptions associated with a live seminar format. The e-learning format also makes it possible to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, which can help optimize the time and effort you and your company spend on continuing education. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials on-site training features a live presentation led by Lili Goleniewski or a LIDO faculty member at the location of your choice. The live format allows for a dynamic group experience that allows for real-time customization based on the audience’s interests and questions.

Q. What are the system requirements for the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning format?
. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is delivered over the web or on CDs.  Following are the system requirements for optimum performance and access to online resources:


* Windows 98 Second Edition/NT/2000/XP
* Internet Explorer ver 5.01, 5.5 or 6.0 or Netscape navigator ver 4.
* Windows Media Player ver 6.4-9


* P3 400 MHz Pentium Processor
* 128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended)
* Monitor and video card that support 64K color
* 16-bit Windows compatible sound card with speakers
* 8x CD-ROM drive (for CD-ROM delivery, only)


* Analog dial-up at 56 Kbps
o Audio, slides, transcript, links, reference documents, searchability
* Broadband access - DSL, T-1 or greater, or cable modem
o Video, audio, slides, transcript, links, reference documents, searchability

A broadband connection is highly recommended for optimum performance.

How much time is required for the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning program and the live seminar format?
The LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning program consists of approximately 33 hours of content in addition to information-rich slides, notes, quizzes, glossary, and links to other telecommunications resource materials.

The actual time required depends on the learning preferences of you and your organization. The e-learning format allows for self-paced study that can extend over several days or several months, as you decide how to structure your learning schedule. The live seminar format depends on the course, and can range from one to five days total.

Q. Are there any reference documents provided with the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials series?
Yes. There are substantial reference documents included with the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials series. In the e-learning format, reference documents may be viewed or printed out. Each module within each part of the series includes comprehensive reference notes, including transcripts and the powerpoint presentations containing numerous diagrams and illustrations.

Q. Does the LIDO Telecommunications Essentials series provide recommendations for additional reading and learning resources?
Yes. Because knowledge work today involves constant learning, LIDO provides learning resources that will enable you to access the appropriate information at the moment you need it, long after you take the course.

Q. Are there any testing or evaluation components to LIDO Telecommunications Essentials?
Yes. The LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning series contain a self test at the end of each course section. These tests help reinforce the material studied and aid in retention.

Q. How do I order LIDO Telecommunications Essentials?
To order LIDO Telecommunications Essentials in virtual learning format, you can go on line to www.telecomessentials.com, or call 1-415-457-1800. Email inquiries can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q. How much does LIDO Telecommunications Essentials cost?
Following is pricing information for LIDO Telecommunications Essentials e-learning series. Pricing for LIDO Telecommunications Essentials is on a per user license basis with volume discounts to suit your company’s training and education budget.  The pricing for LIDO Telecommunications Essentials live seminar formats depends on the specific requirements of your organization. For single-user pricing, please visit the elearning store at www.telecomessentials.com.  For multi-user licenses or enterprise customization, please contact the LIDO Organization at  +1-415-457-1800 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q. Whom do I contact for further information about LIDO Telecommunications Essentials?
For more information on LIDO Telecommunications Essentials you can visit http://www.telecomessentials.com or contact the LIDO Organization via the following:

The LIDO Organization, Inc.
149 Jordan Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Tel: +1-415-457-1800
Fax: +1-415-457-1176
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Skypes ID:  lili.goleniewski

© 2007 The LIDO Organization, Inc. LIDO Telecommunications Essentials and LIDO Telecom WebCentral are registered servicemarks or trademarks owned or used by license b the LIDO Organization, Inc. and may be registered in the United States and other countries.


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