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  • Setting Traps, and Other Internet Security Tips

    In the wake of cyberattacks on JPMorgan and other sophisticated companies, a computer security expert offers advice to those of us with far fewer resources.

    After massive data breaches that affect tens of millions of people, like the recent cyberattacks on JPMorgan Chase and other major banks, I?m commonly asked: ?What can average people do to protect themselves?? As a computer security expert, my professional advice is: use hard-to-guess passwords, keep your computer software up-to-date, encrypt your data, and save your backups. But I could have offered the same advice in 2004. The attacks we see in 2014 are so sophisticated that taking just the steps I mentioned isn?t really going to help you all that much. The honest 2014 answer is: Go outside, raise your hands in the air, and run around in circles screaming.

  • Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending November 1, 2014)

    Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.

  • Scientists Pursue Novel Blood Tests for Cancer

    The inventor of a breakthrough DNA test for Down syndrome says the technology can be used to screen people for cancer.

    The Hong Kong scientist who invented a simple blood test to show pregnant women if their babies have Down syndrome is now testing a similar technology for cancer.

  • How Entanglement-Generating Satellites Will Make the Quantum Internet Global

    Sending entangled photons to opposite sides of the planet will require a small fleet of orbiting satellites, say physicists.

  • Recommended from Around the Web (Week Ending November 1, 2014)

    A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.

    Two Years After Hurricane Sandy, a Reminder of What Utilities Faced as the Storm Approached
    A look at why the storm?s devastation was so hard to predict, and for utilities to prepare for.
    ?Kevin Bullis, senior editor, materials

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