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  • Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending November 29, 2014)

    Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.

  • A Sleek Wristband That Can Track Seizures

    A startup wants to make it easier for people with epilepsy to detect seizures and let others know when they need help.

    A new wristband from a startup called Empatica is built for people with epilepsy?it hopes to detect their seizures and alert family when they?re in the throes of one?but it could also appeal to people who simply want a sleek-looking gadget for logging activities and stress.

  • Recommended from Around the Web (Week Ending November 29, 2014)

    A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.

    Google Doesn?t Need a New Mission
    Explaining moon shots and Nest: how organizing large amount of data remains Google?s unifying objective.
    ?Nanette Byrnes, senior editor, Business Reports

  • Steve Jobs Lives on at the Patent Office

    Years after his death, the former Apple CEO still wins patents.

    What is Steve Jobs?s legacy? Here?s one measure: since his death in 2011 from pancreatic cancer, the former Apple CEO has won 141 patents. That?s more than most inventors win during their lifetimes.

  • A Zippier Way to Share Big Files?

    Startup Keyssa wants to replace cords and connectors with speedy wireless transfer technology.

    A startup called Keyssa has developed technology to wirelessly transfer large amounts of data, like movies and music collections, from one gadget to another in seconds, rather than the minutes (or †longer) it can take with a USB drive or over Wi-Fi.

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