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  • When Your Boss Is an Uber Algorithm

    Researchers examine how Uber steers its drivers? behavior with its automated management system, despite its promise of being ?your own boss.?

    It sends texts with last-minute requests for extra shifts and won?t consider requests for a raise. It turns out the software that manages drivers for ride service Uber has a few things in common with unpopular human bosses.

  • Artificial Intelligence Aims to Make Wikipedia Friendlier and Better

    The nonprofit behind Wikipedia is turning to machine learning to combat a long-standing decline in the number of editors.

    Software trained to know the difference between an honest mistake and intentional vandalism is being rolled out in an effort to make editing Wikipedia less psychologically bruising. It was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia.

  • Why Solar Power Could Hit a Ceiling

    In the absence of energy storage, solar energy can?t grow without decreasing its own value.

    There could be a limit on how much solar power can grow. That?s because the more solar power we add to the grid, the less valuable it becomes. It?s a simple supply-and-demand story: solar reaches peak generation during sunny afternoons, but there?s a limited demand for such additional power during those times. As a result, solar begins to compete with itself, driving down the price that utilities are willing to pay generators.

  • Telepresence Robot for the Disabled Takes Directions from Brain Signals

    Brain control becomes a more practical way to control robots when the machines can do some things for themselves.

    People with severe motor disabilities are testing a new way to interact with the world?using a robot controlled by brain signals.

  • Stop Emissions!

    A climate scientist argues that it should no longer be acceptable to dump carbon dioxide in the sky.

    Many years ago, I protested at the gates of a nuclear power plant. For a long time, I believed it would be easy to get energy from biomass, wind, and solar. Small is beautiful. Distributed power, not centralized.

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