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  • Cell-Phone Data Might Help Predict Ebola?s Spread

    Mobility data from an African mobile-phone carrier could help researchers recommend where to focus health-care efforts.

    A West African mobile carrier has given researchers access to data gleaned from cell phones in Senegal, providing a window into regional population movements that could help predict the spread of Ebola. The current outbreak is so far known to have killed at least 1,350 people, mainly in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

  • U.S. Warrants for Overseas Data Trample Foreign Privacy Laws

    Microsoft?s failed efforts to resist a U.S. warrant for data stored in Ireland show how American law enforcement policies conflict with foreign privacy laws.

    U.S. Internet companies, and indeed all multinationals with a presence in the United States, appear to be trapped between the data access requirements of U.S. law enforcement agencies and foreign privacy laws.

  • Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending August 23, 2014)

    Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.

  • A Startup Hopes to Teach Computers to Spot Tumors in Medical Scans

    Enlitic wants to make medicine smarter and faster with machine learning.

    Machines are doing more and more of the work typically completed by humans, and detecting diseases may be next: a new company called Enlitic takes aim at the examination room by employing computers to make diagnoses based on images.

  • The Ongoing Threat of Cold Boot Attacks

    Computer security experts have failed to close a loophole that allows an attacker to easily download cryptographic keys from an encrypted computer.

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