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New on MIT Technology Review

  • An Algorithm That Can Help Robots Walk Off Injuries

    Robots can now keep moving after an injury without human intervention.

    Robots like the Mars Rover can operate on their own in harsh environments, and new research shows they could get even more self-sufficient by coming up with ways to adapt and keep moving after an injury.

  • Bladeless Wind Turbines May Offer More Form Than Function

    Startup Vortex Bladeless makes a turbine that looks intriguing, but it may not solve wind power?s challenges.

    Wind power has become a legitimate source of energy over the past few decades as larger, more efficient turbine designs have produced ever-increasing amounts of power. But even though the industry saw a record $99.5 billion global investment in 2014, turbine growth may be reaching its limits.

  • Fixing China?s Coal Problem

    China has rapidly cleaned up its coal plants. Now comes the hard part.

    When William Latta first came to China, in 2005, he intended to look for companies to acquire for the French power giant Alstom. He wound up creating his own.

  • Food Technology for All

    We may be heading toward a new food economy that?s more competitive and innovative.

    For years, the most important food technologies were all about scale. How could we feed a fast-growing population at less expense? By doing everything bigger: food grown on bigger farms was sold by ever-merging global food giants to grocery chains of superstore proportions.

  • Mobile Call Quality Gets a Long-Overdue Upgrade

    Wireless companies and a few ambitious startups are racing to make your cell-phone calls better.

    While apps have turned smartphones into digital Swiss Army knives that can do everything from tracking your heartbeat to hailing you a cab, the phone part of the smartphone hasn?t gotten much better over the years.

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