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New on MIT Technology Review

  • The Hidden World of Facebook "Like Farms"

    If you pay a ?like farm? to generate likes for your Facebook pages, what do you get?

  • Changes to Our Beat Coverage

    We?ve renamed some of the story channels that organize our site.

    As technology changes, our coverage changes with it. To better reflect the stories we?re publishing now, we?ve renamed some of the story channels that organize our site.

  • Smart Headlight Illuminates the Road without Blinding Other Drivers

    Computerized headlights could eliminate glare from oncoming cars while improving visibility.

    If you hate it when the driver in the opposite lane blinds you with his high beams, or when the glare from the truck behind keeps you from looking in the rearview mirror, a solution might be just around the corner. An experimental programmable headlight automatically adjusts thousands of tiny, individually controlled light sources to prevent other drivers from being blinded while still highlighting signs or obstacles ahead.

  • Solar City and Tesla Hatch a Plan to Lower the Cost of Solar Power

    Tesla and Solar City say their vast manufacturing operations will make solar the cheapest source of electricity in the United States.

    At an event hosted in New York this week by Solar City, CEO Lyndon Rive and chairman Elon Musk announced that within five to 10 years every set of solar panels that Solar City installs will come with a battery pack to help deal with the intermittency of solar power?one of the key factors limiting its use. Musk says his company Tesla Motors will supply at least some of those batteries.

  • Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending September 20, 2014)

    Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.

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