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  • How to Spot a Social Bot on Twitter

    Social bots are sending a significant amount of information through the Twittersphere. Now there?s a tool to help identify them.

    Back in 2011, a team from Texas A&M University carried out a cyber sting to trap nonhuman Twitter users that were polluting the Twittersphere with spam. Their approach was to set up ?honeypot? accounts which posted nonsensical content that no human user would ever be interested in. Any account that retweeted this content, or friended the owner, must surely be a nonhuman user known as a social bot.

  • Why Household Gadgets Are Using Less Power

    New research shows a decline in the electricity used by all the electronic devices in U.S. homes.

    Electronic gadgets in U.S. homes are estimated to have used 12 percent less energy in 2013 than they did 2010, even though there were nearly a billion more devices. The decline is due in large part to a significant decrease in electricity used by televisions and computers, according to a new report, which analyzed 46 types of consumer devices commonly used in homes.

  • LCD Hacking Trick Could Make Virtual Reality More Real

    Stacking components from two LCD panels more than doubles the pixel density of a video display.

    Donning a pair of virtual reality goggles like the Oculus Rift can instantly transport you into another place. But being able to see the pixels that make up that computerized world can be a niggling reminder that your brain is being tricked by an LCD panel strapped to your face.

  • Other Interesting arXiv Papers (Week ending July 26, 2014)

    The best of the rest from the Physics arXiv preprint server.

    Taylor?s Law and the Spatial Distribution of Urban Facilities

  • Cheap and Nearly Unbreakable Sapphire Screens Come into View

    If Apple is indeed going to make scratch-proof iPhones and iPads with sapphire screens, here?s how it could be done.

    This fall, rumor has it, Apple will start selling iPhones with a sapphire screen that is just about impossible to scratch.

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