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ZDNet | ip-telephony RSS
ZDNet | ip-telephony RSS

ZDNet | ip-telephony RSS
  • Russell Shaw, rest in peace
    Editor's note: Russell Shaw passed away on March 14. For more information, see Between the Lines.

  • Sorry, Gizmodo, VoIP over iPhone isn't going to be "huge"
    Gizmodo's Brian Lam (no, not the C-SPAN guy, that'd be Brian Lamb) notes a snippet from Apple's SDK-coming-out-part press conference in which one Mr. Jobs noted that any third-party iPhone developer cooks up a VoIP program for iPhone, the utility will be allowed to work via any Wi-Fi hotspots that might be in range.

  • Over WiFi at DIA, free speech is DOA
    SI model Jessica Gomes, if you must know.Our own Maggie Reardon expands on a† Denver Post story that notes the Denver International Airport has chosen to block Wi-Fi access to such sites as boingboing.

  • Exclusive: iPhone DevCamp's Raven on iPhone SDK and what it means
    Just a few minutes ago, I had a most enlightening email conversation with someone who knows as much about the new iPhone SDK, and its effects/potential, as anyone who doesn't work at Apple. And probably know more than most who do.

  • Is proprietary iPhone video player on the way?
    In remarks to analysts yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs clarified why the iPhone does not support Flash.Jobs said a key reason is that Adobe's Flash Player is optimally built for laptops.

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