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Working Anywhere

  • WeWork and Regus Both Need An Affiliate Model
    When it comes to co-working spaces WeWork is the elephant in the room. They are the giant. The monster. The leader far and away. About the only organization that can compare, albeit with a different goal and model, is Regus, perhaps the first mover in the world of co-working. But both have gaps in their location maps, which in turn presents opportunity for others to fill the gaps. Over the past few weeks as I've been leading a nomadic life of sorts, I've realized that both co-working companies lack any type of affiliate model, so while I have memberships with both, it's often been my discovery that their isn't a location for miles and miles, sometimes even no location at...

  • Starbucks: One Place to be Working Anywhere
    When Starbucks first arrived on the scene I?ll admit I was a bit late to the party. When it came to coffee I was more of an after a meal coffee person, not a coffee addict. In reality, it was Wi-Fi that got me hooked on Starbucks. I would spend time locating the Wi-Fi locations that in their day were powered by T-Mobile and take the tiniest of laptops I had, and even some Wi-Fi enabled phones, and do all I could to work from a Starbucks. Along the way I quickly learned that Starbucks was not really ready for Wi-Fi or what would become ?Conference Room S.? They didn?t have enough tables for co-working, nor did they have enough...

  • Co-Working In Unique Places: Libraries
    As a child I would go to the library often with my dad. Back then, the library was like being in a house of worship. Silence was the golden rule. Sure there were a few places where people could talk but those were few and far between. That said, when I was in high school, the Northeast Regional Library was where high school class groups would usually meet up to work on projects together. Little did I realize I was co-working in the 70s in a co-working space. Fast forward to today, the public library may be the lowest cost co-working place around.

  • Women's CoWorking Spaces Are Growing With Good Reason
    I grew up in Philadelphia and was a regular guest of many friends who were members of The Union League, Racquet Club, Rittenhouse Club and The Locust Club back in the 70's and 80s. Back then, the Union League was THE power broker club and was "Men Only" until the mid 80's just like the famed New York Athletic Club that back in 1989 broke the sexism barrier and allowed women in. When I read about "Women Only" co-working spaces in Time I first thought back to how hard women fought to gain entry to Men Only clubs like those. There was an outdated (and by then outdated) reasons why the "Clubs" kept women out at first, but times and...

  • Working Anywhere is Back
    I started this blog long before the concept of Working From Home, Working in Coffeeshops, Co-Working or anything more than the concept of teleworking was the way it was described. There was no WeWork. No SecondHome. I used Regus locations all over the world as I needed to, and still do. Having a UPS store account started when they were called MailBoxes, ETC. And FedEx Office was Kinkos. Using FedEx, Priority Mail and UPS was second nature to send a package. Email was the main mode of communications, SMS was not really all connected and apps, well they were not even really a factor. All that has changed, and with that, there's more As a person who has worked more...

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