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  • Moving on
    I travel a lot. It has been almost ten years since I had a job that was based in the same place I live.

  • Judge releases Wikileaks
    All it took was a little representation. That is one trouble with the US legal system.

  • Oil field data loss just common theft
    Sighs of relief can be heard coming from Brazil this week as police arrested four men (port security guards) responsible for heisting some computers that had lots of data from the newly discovered mega-oil-patch off the coast of Brazil.Way back when I was an industry analyst I remember fighting the battle against universitites about so called academic freedom and firewalls.

  • Declan on Wikileaks
    The news today is that several free speech advocates are stepping into the fray over Wikileaks. See Declan McCullagh's coverage.

  • Only 8,700 insecure ftp servers?
    According to ComputerWorld coverage Finjan is publicizing a source in Hong Kong they have discovered that offers to sell access to hacked ftp servers. The idea is that a malware purveyor or phisher would want ftp access with admin credentials so they can quickly and easily upload there wares to the web sites served by the ftp service.

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