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News from openspectrum.info
World news related to license-free access to the radio spectrum

  • "Sensing and sensemaking for (g)local food systems"
    Sensorica, 15 July 2012: "...We see sensors as parts of intelligent systems. Sensors become valuable when they are integrated into systems for planning and decision making. Our goal is to provide a variety of sensors integrated within a p2p network, associated with an open database and with data analysis capability, as well as with open applications for planning and decision making. Our goal is to level the field of information and knowledge in this economic sector [agriculture] and to empower individuals, locals, and their communities, to allow them to extract value from their physical environment, in the most sustainable way possible... Members of SENSORICA are thinking about lab-on-a-chip, portable and low cost technology for a democratic and distributed quality testing and certification system. In other words, we want to give every individual the ability to easily test the quality of soils, water and foods, anywhere, anytime..."

  • "White space broadband as a white knight for rural America"
    by Craig Settles, GigaOm, 15 July 2012: "...The biggest initiative to move TV white space front and center in the community broadband space is AIR.U (Advance Internet Regions). This consortium of private companies, associations and nonprofit organizations are working to connect up to 500 colleges and universities with small towns and rural communities to build mostly wireless networks. AIR.U's efforts, along with trial communities such as Wilmington, should fast-track the standardization of TV white space technology and network buildouts. 'The FCC opening these white space channels should make it faster and cheaper in the short-term to increase connectivity by leveraging campuses and surrounding areas,' stated Michael Calabrese, Director of the New America Foundation's Wireless Future Program and one of the consortium leaders..."

  • "Bluetooth shoes" [an invention that helps blind people navigate]
    The Economist, 14 July 2012: "...Anirudh Sharma, a 24-year-old computer engineer from Hyderabad, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, has [an] innovation, dubbed 'Le Chal' ('take me along' in Hindi)... [This] pairs a smartphone app with a small actuator sewn inside the sole of one shoe via Bluetooth. The user tells the phone his desired destination, which is translated into electronic commands using voice-recognition software. The app, which can be programmed to run in the background, fetches the local map of the area. The phone's Global Positioning System (GPS) tracks the person's location in real-time, telling the actuator to vibrate when it is time to turn. The side of the shoe where the vibration is felt indicates which way to go..."

  • "Add Bluetooth streaming to your existing car stereo with Tunelink or Bluetrip"
    by Kirk Yuhnke, ABC15 Mornings, 14 July 2012: "...wireless Bluetooth streaming. If you haven't used it, it's awesome. It streams music directly from your smartphone to your car stereo with no messy cables. Luckily, for anyone with new car gadget envy, there are some products on the market that make it super simple to add this feature to your existing radio. I had a chance to test out 2 of them for you..."

  • "Fly-by-Wireless improves safety and reduces cost - international aerospace consortium initiative unveiled"
    Airline Industry, 13 July 2012: "...CANEUS (Canada-Europe-US-Asia) Aerospace network and key aerospace stakeholders are teaming up to develop less-wire and fly-by-wireless (FBW) capabilities. The partnership projects to reduce aggregate wire weight by approximately 10%-30% overall and 70%-90% for critical components, contributing to improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and potential failure points, and improved operational performance. Industry vision is to create world class FBW research, testing and certification capability, which will benefit the Aerospace industry worldwide for Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) applications for both new and sustainment of legacy aircrafts and UAVs. Stakeholders include LMCO, BAE Systems, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, GE, Gulfstream, Goodrich Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce, NASA, and US DoD... The consortium is scheduled to meet on August 27-28, 2012, in Ottawa to formulate international public-private partnership."

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