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  • Artificial ?skin? gives robotic hand a sense of touch
    A team of researchers from the University of Houston has reported a development in stretchable electronics that can serve as an artificial skin, allowing a robotic hand to sense the difference between hot and cold, and also offering advantages for a wide range of biomedical devices. The work, reported in the open-access journal Science Advances, [...]

  • A battery-free origami robot powered and controlled by external magnetic fields
    Harvard University researchers have created a battery-free, folding robot “arm” with multiple “joints,” gripper “hand,” and actuator ?muscles? — all powered and controlled wirelessly by an external resonant magnetic field. The design is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami (used to transform a simple sheet of paper into complex, three-dimensional shapes through a [...]

  • Scientists remove one of the final barriers to making lifelike robots
    Researchers at the Columbia Engineering Creative Machines lab have developed a 3D-printable, synthetic soft muscle that can mimic natural biological systems, lifting 1000 times its own weight. The artificial muscle is three times stronger than natural muscle and can push, pull, bend, twist, and lift weight — no external devices required. Existing soft-actuator technologies are [...]

  • New system allows near-zero-power sensors to communicate data over long distances
    University of Washington (UW) researchers have developed a low-cost, long-range data-communication system that could make it possible for medical sensors or billions of low-cost “internet of things” objects to connect via radio signals at long distances (up to 2.8 kilometers) and with†1000 times lower required power (9.25 microwatts in an experiment) compared to existing technologies. [...]

  • Walking DNA nanorobot could deliver a drug to a precise location in your body
    Caltech scientists have developed a “cargo sorting” DNA nanorobot programmed to autonomously “walk” around a surface, pick up certain molecules, and drop them off in designated locations. The research is described in a paper in the Friday, September 15, 2017 issue of†Science. The major advance in this study is “their methodology for designing simple DNA [...]

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