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  • ?Wearable? PET brain scanner enables studies of moving patients
    Two scientists have developed a miniaturized positron emission tomography (PET) brain scanner that can be ?worn? like a helmet. The new Ambulatory Microdose Positron Emission Tomography (AMPET) scanner allows research subjects to stand and move around as the device scans, instead of having to lie completely still and be administered anesthesia — making it impossible [...]

  • 3D-printed ?bionic skin? could give robots and prosthetics the sense of touch
    Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a process for 3D-printing stretchable, flexible, and sensitive electronic sensory devices that could give robots or prosthetic hands — or even real skin — the ability to mechanically sense their environment. One major use would be to give surgeons the ability to feel during minimally invasive [...]

  • Do robots creep you out?
    How do you make humanoid robots look least creepy? With increasing use of industrial (and soon, service robots), it’s a good question. Researchers at the University of Koblenz-Landau, University of Wurzburg, and Arts Electronica Futurelab decided to find out with an experiment. They created a skit with a human actor and the Roboy robot, and [...]

  • How Google?s ?smart reply? is getting smarter
    Last week, KurzweilAI reported that Google is rolling out an enhanced version of its ?smart reply? machine-learning email software to ?over 1 billion Android and iOS users of Gmail? — quoting Google CEO Sundar Pichai. We noted that the new smart-reply version is now able to handle challenging sentences like ?That interesting person at the [...]

  • When AI improves human performance instead of taking over
    It’s not about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over — it’s about AI improving human performance, a new study by Yale University researchers has shown. ?Much of the current conversation about artificial intelligence has to do with whether AI is a substitute for human beings. We believe the conversation should be about AI as a complement [...]

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