Benefits of the e-Learning format include:

* Learning-on-demand:  Busy professionals are able to structure their study time around work schedules. Without doubt, one of the most powerful benefits of elearning is the ability to customize and manage your learning experience, by controlling when and what you choose to learn.  The modular structure of the series facilitates customized learning plans, with cross-references to related modules and resources encouraging greater exploration of topic areas.
* Distributed Learning: Individuals are able to extend the learning process over time, which aids in increased information retention.  Distributed team members can still learn together despite time and distance!

* Dynamic Rich Media Presentation: Simultaneous audio, word-for-word transcript, synchronized visuals and selected links to helpful resources enhances the learning experience.

* Learning Styles:  Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, this series supports your learning style.  With streaming audio, word-by-word transcript, synchronized slides, animated network diagrams, and links to related educational resources, you select the media type and presentation that assures your attention to learning.  Listen, read, visualize, draw, highlight – work with the information in the manner that best enables you to assimilate and retain!

* Interactive Quizzes: Quizzes at the end of the course sections allow for reinforcement of the lesson content.
* Searchable Glossary:  The comprehensive glossary contains more than 1,500 terms you’ll encounter most frequently.  Using the search function within the glossary allows rapid location of definitions, while also cross-referencing related terms.

* Search Functionality: Allows individuals to quickly find the information they need.

* Learning Center Resources:  This eLearning series includes access to many valuable learning resources, including a comprehensive searchable glossary, interactive quizzes, links to over 1,500 related websites, and links to hundreds of recommended reading and educational resources.

* Reduced Training Costs: e-Learning format saves money by avoiding the costs of employee travel, conference fees and time away from the office.